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StyroCycle seeks to form collaborative partnerships with diverse stakeholders across industry including manufacturing, waste and recycling and retail stakeholders.
We offer a turnkey solution that provides a consistent recycling service that greatly expands the collection and drop-off service to recycle EPS.

EPS Manufacturers

If you’re an EPS manufacturer you could start a drop-off centre for EPS at your manufacturing facility.
StyroCycle will provide collection bins and assist with setting up, developing procedures, tips for processing the waste, and more.
You might also consider being a drop-off centre and adding a waste pick-up service for surplus EPS. This will greatly increase the amount of EPS that is diverted from landfill and recycled.
As a recycling location, you’ll also be listed as a drop off point on the StyroCycle website.

Other Businesses

Other businesses that could collect EPS for recycling include:

  • Councils
  • Transfer Stations
  • Small businesses with high volume EPS waste like furniture and electrical importers, and retailers
To find out if you’re eligible to join the program contact us today for more information.