10 Expanded Polystyrene Products You Didn’t Know Were Recyclable Or Recycled

Car Seats contain EPS

Expanded polystyrene (EPS) is a useful and versatile material capable of being used and reused in various applications across many industries. It is also completely recyclable.

Cheap to make and extremely lightweight, EPS offers thermal insulation, shock absorption, chemical resistance, and buoyancy. Unfortunately, this amazing material has a bad reputation as being harmful to the environment due to a history of improper disposal.

Thankfully, expanded polystyrene recycling is not only feasible but also simple, particularly with the help of Styrocycle, which has stepped up to offer drop-off bins for communities and support commercial recycling initiatives.

All it takes is responsible product stewardship throughout the material’s life cycle and for the various industries that use EPS to be part of the solution for end-of-life recycling.


Some EPS Products That Can Be Recycled

While EPS is used in a million different applications, here are a few you might not have known about. We hope to motivate EPS users in these sectors to recycle the EPS that goes into these goods responsibly.

  1. Car Seats

EPS is incredibly useful in car seats because of its shock-absorbing capabilities and super light weight. In fact, it’s essential for safety because it has a compressive strength that no other material can match.

  1. Helmets

EPS is great for helmets for the same reasons that it is used in car seats. The combination of being lightweight, strong and shock absorbent makes it a difficult material to compete with when it comes to safety standards for helmets.

  1. Consumer Electronics Packaging

When consumer electronics are transported, they need to be safely and reliably packaged and padded to ensure their protection. Nothing does the job better than EPS, which is lightweight, impact-resistant and shock-absorbent. The best part is that you can simply drop the EPS packaging in a StyroCycle bin, and it will be recycled.

  1. Car Bumpers

Not only is EPS light enough and has the necessary strength to serve in car bumpers, but it is also fully recyclable, making the automotive industry safer and more sustainable at the same time.

  1. Medical Transport Boxes

EPS is frequently used to transport sensitive medical goods owing to its excellent insulation properties and resistance to bacteria and mould. Thankfully, it’s also completely recyclable if disposed of in a StyroCycle bin.

  1. Produce Shipping

Transporting produce requires packaging that protects it from shocks and bumps, resists bacteria and mould, and provides reliable insulation. Few materials can rival EPS in these areas. All that’s left to do is recycle it after use.


A Few Products That Can Be Made From Recycled Polystyrene

  1. Bee Hives

Who would’ve thought that recycled EPS was such a great material for beehives? When recycled, the polystyrene is extruded to create a well-insulated home for bees. This means that recycling your EPS prevents unnecessary landfill waste and actively supports our planet’s most important pollinators.

  1. Garage Door Insulation

Recycled EPS makes for a great insulation material and is used in various applications, from drywalling to garage doors. Good insulation reduces energy consumption, so recycling EPS for this purpose is a win for the environment on two fronts.

  1. Pipe Insulation

If your pipes need to be insulated, EPS is a great material for achieving this. What’s more, it can be done with recycled EPS, thereby driving your construction costs even lower and promoting a circular economy.

  1. Spa Covers

Spas need insulation, and if there’s one thing we know about insulation, it’s that recycled EPS is great at it. Now, you can enjoy the luxury of your spa with the knowledge that it is sustainably insulated.

In addition to providing our drop-off bins for the community, StyroCycle is open to speaking with businesses looking to make arrangements for commercial expanded polystyrene recycling. Contact us today to get the ball rolling!

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